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Night Fighter

Night Fighter

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{detailed description}The nightfighter owes its existence primarily to the nightbomber. During the 1920s the prognostications of Gen Giulio Douhet - the Italian air-strategist gave rise to the foolhardy belief that the bomber would always get through. From almost the beginning of World War 2 a deadly nocturnal battle was fought between the bombers and nightfighters of the RAF and Luftwaffe over Europe, and the USAAF and Japanese in the South Pacific. A combination of scientific development and raw human courage were trademarks of these ruthless confrontations. By far the most bomber/nightfighter activity occurred in the dangerous night skies of North West Europe during World War 2. Of the 8,000 plus aircraft lost by RAF Bomber Command, over 5,800 fell to the guns of nightfighters. In the postwar years the specialised nightfighter - or all-weather interceptor - had reached the peak of its development. Thereafter, the hitherto separate design streams of day and nightfighter merged to produce the modern interceptor that can operate at will by night and day. With the aid of over 135 photographs and 25 line drawings, Anthony Robinson examines the rapid development of this sophisticated form of aerial warfare, from the early successes in the darkened skies over the Western Front during World War 1, to the deadly conflicts over North West Europe and the Pacific Ocean in World War 2. The role of the nightfighter in the postwar actions of Korea and Vietnam is also discussed. Bringing the story right up to date, the problems of target identification by night facing today's fighter pilots is also assessed.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Anthony Robinson
published by Ian Allan 1988 1st edn. 144pp profusely illustrated, bibliography 18x24
{condition}very good inc. d/j
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