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Pictorial History of The R.A.F. Vol. 1
1918 - 1939

Pictorial History of The R.A.F. Vol. 1  1918 - 1939

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{detailed description}There have been many histories of the Royal Air Force, but never one like this. The evolution and achievements of Britain's air forces are put into new perspective against a background of the changing world of our twentieth century. Not only do we learn why - as well as how - the RAF and its predecessors gained victory in the great air battles of two World Wars and countless smaller wars; we see how they blazed a trail across oceans and deserts for the airlines to follow, played a major part in creating America's great modern aviation industry, kept the peace for two desperately dangerous decades after World War 2 and, simultaneously, learned how to use new kinds of aircraft to bring new life to hundreds of men, women and children who would otherwise have died through sickness, shipwreck or starvation.
Published to mark the 5oth Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, on 1st April 1918, this superbly-illustrated three-volume work, of which this is the first, forms a unique, scrupulously accurate and highly readable tribute to the Service without which none of us might have been alive to read it.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by John W. R. Taylor, and Philip J. R. Moyes
Published by Ian Allan 1974 6th impression, over 200pp consisting of approx 60pp of text, the remainder being b&w photos and captions.
{condition}very good with dust wrapper.
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