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Pioneers of the Airlift

Pioneers of the Airlift

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{detailed description}This book tells the story of the men and women who devised and organized the Berlin airlift, and made it into the greatest success ever achieved by a humanitarian aid action from the air. Pilots, technicians, mechanics and ground staff, members of the American, British and French forces, but also employees of private charter companies came from all over the world in 1948/49 to supply Berlin from the air. Pioneers of the Airlift is informative and vivid, and contains many hitherto unpublished photographs taken by people actively involved in the airlift. It presents the logistics, the organization and everyday events from the point of view of the participants at the time.
Daniel Harrington is a US Air Force Europe historian. His introductory essay describes the political and military-historical background to the Berlin blockade and the airlift.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Daniel Harrington
published by Nishen 1998 1st edn. 95pp profusely illustrated 24x16 landscape, card covers
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