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RAF Bomber Command 1936-1968

RAF Bomber Command 1936-1968

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{detailed description}The role of RAF Bomber Command in the Allies' fight against Hitler's 'Fortress Europe' is still the subject of much controversy. Yet, whatever one's view of the campaign as a whole, nobody can question the immense courage and bravery of the aircrews who risked their lives, day after day, night after night. As history recalls, more than 55,000 men made the ultimate sacrifice during the fight for Freedom.
Thanks to the foresight and tenacity of Sir Hugh Trenchard in the aftermath of the First World War the RAF's fledgling bomber force began to grow, although progress was hampered by short-sighted decisions made by the RAF's political masters. Bomber Command was officially formed in 1936, but as the 1930s gave way to the 1940s, it soon became clear that the Command could not match the might of a resurgent Germany on the march.
The early years of the Second World War highlighted Bomber Command's inadequacies, but gradually the tide was turned. Vast aerial armadas of bombers took the fight to Hitler while increased accuracy, larger weapons and more effective tactics were developed which enabled RAF Bomber Command, in conjunction with the US 8th Air Force, to pound the heartland of Germany into final submission.
Peacetime brought the inevitable cutbacks and a proud force was whittled down to a shadow of its former self. However, re-equipment with a potent force of V-bombers meant that Bomber Command was able to play a key role in the 'Cold War', and when the Command was disbanded in 1968 its supporters could rightly claim that it had been a major contributor to maintaining the peace.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Chris Ashworth
Published by PSL 1995 1st edition. 256pp profusely illustrated, index, appendix. 18x24
{condition}very good, in worn d/j.
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