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Rebels and Reformers of the Airways

Rebels and Reformers of the Airways

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{detailed description}Rebels & Reformers of the Airways breaks new ground in commercial aviation history by profiling twenty-five mavericks who defied the establishment in their quest to develop airlines against the odds. The pre-eminent historian of commercial aviation R. E. G. Davies writes of the colourful lives and contributions of these enterprising men from Great Britain, the United States, Canada, France, Latin America, Australia and Thailand.
Davies presents new perspectives on the efforts of men such as Ralph O'Neill, Marcel Bouilloux-Lafont, Stan Weiss, Orvis Nelson, Howard Hughes, and Sir Freddie Laker. But he also discusses, among others, the endeavours of James "Slim" Carmichael, who introduced turbine power to the U.S. commercial aviation industry; Alfred Eliasson, co-founder of Loftleidir in Iceland; Edmund Fresson, who developed air services throughout the Orkney and Shetland islands; and Prince Varanand, who spent and lost $50 million to found Air Siam, an international airline owned by Thai nationals There are also stories of Robert Six, whose innovative policies helped Continental Airlines to compete effectively and Frank Lorenzo, the immigrant's son who gained control of Continental, as well as Texas Air, New York Air, Eastern Airlines, and, as this book was in preparation People Express.
These pioneers rebelled against entrenched systems of regulation, government bureaucracies, monopolies, and powerful lobbies. Through their efforts to democratize air transport by cutting costs, lowering fares, and creating new routes, they helped to change the course of an industry.
Thirty-six photographs and seven maps and charts, drawn by Davies, complement the biographies and illustrate the growth of certain airlines.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by R. E. G. Davies
published by Airlife 1987 1st U.K. edn. illustrated, index, bibliography 16x23
{condition}very minor pencil annotation otherwise good in d/j.
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