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Remembering an Unsung Giant

Remembering an Unsung Giant

Remembering an Unsung Giant

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{detailed description}Preface:
The Douglas C-133 Cargomaster was for fifteen years the primary heavy airlifter for the Untied States Air Force. It then faded quickly from memory, after the airplanes were retired and crewmembers and support personnel went on to other aircraft and duties. Despite the passage of time, however, there are many who remember the airplane and their experiences associated with it, both good and bad. After more than thirty years, it was time to tell the tale of thewe few airplanes, only fifty, and their significance in modern military airlift. I have endeavored to avoid a simple "nuts and bolts" book of how big, how fast and how far. Rather, I wanted to place the C-133 in its total historical, technical, political and military context and also to tell as many personal stories as possible. In the end, it was the people who made the C-133 what it was, who overcame its deficiencies, promoted its advantages and accomplished the many missions with which they and the airplane were entrusted.
For all the members of the 1st, 39th and 84th Military Airlift Squadrons, the maintenance squadrons at Dover and Travis Bases and the enroute maintenance units, plus the entire cargo handling world, enjoy the the Douglas C-133 Cargomaster. May you be reminded of great people, places and experiences and take a moment to remember those who were lost during fifteen years of military operation of the C-133.

signed by the author
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Cal Taylor
published by Firstfleet Publishers 2005 420pp profusely illustrated, some colour, index, bibliography 22x28 paperback
{condition}near fine
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