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Richard Shuttleworth an Illustrated Biography

Richard Shuttleworth an Illustrated Biography

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{detailed description}In the aviation world, the name Shuttleworth is as internationally famous as von Richthofen, Lindbergh, Bader and Trubshaw. This is largely thanks to several well-attended veteran and vintage air displays that are given annually at Old Warden aerodrome in Bedfordshire. But behind every famous collection, there is its collector.
When he was killed in mysterious circumstances, night flying at RAF Benson in August 1940, Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth was only 31 years old. But during the course of his brief life, this energetic and wealthy young Bedfordshire squire had located, purchased, and accurately restored to full working condition some fourteen veteran cars, half a dozen veteran aeroplanes, as many veteran cycles and several steam traction vehicles. He had driven Bugattis and Alfa-Romeos in many races, won the 1935 Donnington Grand Prix, and survived a 140 mph crash in South Africa. Aged only 24, he had flown a tiny monoplane to India and twice competed in the King's Cup Air Race. He had also attempted to promote a small-wheeled collapsible bicycle, a tiny monoplane, an aero-engine, a sportscar marque, an aircraft repair and overhaul company at Heston, and an aeronautical advertising company! While he never married, Richard and his Mother retained the greatest mutual respect and love for one another. Following Richard's additional interest in forestry and timber production, the Shuttleworth stately home has now become a flourishing agricultural college.
This book, researched over a five-year period, stands as a unique photographic and narrative record of a dynamic young man, typical of that exciting carefree generation of racing motorists and aviators killed off by a World War, or curtailed by post-War officialdom. It is also a tribute to a pioneer of Veteran Transport Conservation as it is universally enjoyed today.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Kevin Desmond
published by Janes 1982 1st edn. 190pp profusely illustrated 23x28
{condition}very good, fault line in rear panel of dust jacket
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