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Russian Aircraft Since 1940

Russian Aircraft Since 1940

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{detailed description}This book gives a very complete picture of Soviet aviation during the past thirty-five years, describing in great detail all known powered aircraft and sailplanes designed and produced during that period.
The works of such designers as Antonov, Beriev, Chetverikov, II'yushin, Kamov, Lavochkin, Mikoyan and Gurevich, Mil', Myasishchev, Petlyakov, Sukhoi, Tupolev and Yakovlev are very completely described.
All the familiar war-time aircraft such as the MiG, LAGG and Yak piston-engined fighters, the Il'yushin shturmoviks, the twin-engined Pe-2s and four-engined Pe-8s are fully dealt with, as well as all the post-war jet-propelled types which have seen service in many parts of the world and have played such decisive roles in the recent wars of the Middle and Far East.
The aircraft designed for Aeroflot are described at length and there is full information on Soviet helicopters including the very large Mil' types. Also there is comprehensive coverage of the wide variety of small powered aeroplanes and gliders designed and built by the various institutes and societies.
Where possible production figures have been given as well as registrations of individual aircraft. NATO codenames, a glossary and details of Soviet aero-engines are also included.
Although much has been published in the Soviet Union on its early aircraft and quite detailed brochures have been produced giving information on transport aircraft available for export, wide areas of Soviet aviation have been kept under a strict security blackout. To overcome these problems the author has spent many years on research, and she has in this book produced the most comprehensive coverage of Soviet aircraft so far available in English.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Jean Alexander
1975 PBS book club edn. 555pp
{condition}very good, d/j has small tear at foot of rear fold-in, slightly faded
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