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Saab Aircraft Since 1937

Saab Aircraft Since 1937

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{detailed description}Although Hans G Andersson has chosen the title Saab Aircraft since 1937 for this work, he has in fact traced the entire history of the Swedish aircraft industry from its beginnings in 1913/1914 and its licence manufacture of French and German aircraft. In spite of the existence of various organisations during the 1920s and 1930s, it was the establishment of Saab in 1937 which laid the solid foundations for a Swedish industry capable of producing world-standard aeroplanes which in some cases were in advance of those designed elsewhere.
The Saab 17 single-engined and the Saab 18 twin-engined bombers were the company's first products, to be followed by the J21 twin-boom fighter and its jet successor the J21R; then came the Scandia transport and the Safir light trainer/tourer. But it was really the appearance of the brilliant Draken and Viggen which established Saab's reputation for producing outstanding world-class aeroplanes.
Today the Saab 340 airliner is widely used, having secured the international markets which eluded the Scandia. Since the first publication of this volume the Saab 340 has also been joined by the larger Saab 2000 regional airliner, and additionally has been developed into the Saab 340 AEW & C reconnaissance variant. This revised edition also charts Sweden's latest military aircraft, the international multi-role combat JAS 39 Gripen of which Saab is the main originator.
Hans Andersson covers the development of all these products in the usual Putnam style. Carl G Ahremark has prepared the high quality drawings, including some projects, and a particular feature of the book is a stunning collection of over 280 photographs of the excellent standard to be expected from Sweden.
Cover illustration: An original painting by Keith Woodcock shows the JAS 39 Gripen, a light but extremely advanced multi-role combat aircraft, now entering service in the Swedish Air Force, and already subject of considerable international interest. Also depicted is the Saab 340 AEW & C (airborne early warning and control) version which entered service in 1995.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Hans G. Andersson
1997 revised edn. 199pp (Conway large format)
{condition}mint, in loose poly covered d/j.
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