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Skies of Fire

Skies of Fire

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{detailed description}Aviation historian Alfred Price, author of Sky Battles and Sky Warriors among many other noted books, has once again roamed wartime skies from 1911 to 1999 to tell the stories of twenty-two air actions, all very different, that together show how the air weapon has evolved in those nine decades. From the operations of the Italian air expeditionary force in Libya in 1911-12, to the shooting down in less than two minutes of two Yugoslav MiG fighters in 1999, this is an all-action history of the increasing power and versatility of air arms over the years.
Here are accounts of the first successful air strike by carrier-borne aircraft in July 1918; the dramatic delivery of Spitfires to the beleaguered island of Malta in 1942; the highest air combat of the Second World War, a modified Mark IX Spitfire duelling a Junkers Ju 86R bomber at 42,000 feet over Southampton; the air blockade that kept the U-boats from engaging the Allied invasion fleet in 1944; and among others, actions from Vietnam, the Falklands and Kuwait. The author also provides brief technical data for each of the aircraft types involved in his narrative. Throughout the book, as the technology of air warfare advances at an ever-escalating pace, it becomes apparent that aircrews instinctively respond to new and tougher challenges. But always unchanged, in success and failure too, are the bravery and determination of those who chose the skies as their arena for battle.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Alfred Price
published by Cassell and Company 2002 1st edn. 237pp illustrated, index. 17x24
{condition}mint, d/j fine.
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