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Sopwith Aircraft 1912-1920

Sopwith Aircraft 1912-1920

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{Detailed Description}Of all the British aircraft constructors during the First World War, the Sopwith Aviation Co. was the one most highly renowned for its fighters - the most famous being the 1&1/2 Strutter, Pup, Triplane, Camel, Dolphin and Snipe. Yet this same company, though its life-span was little longer than the duration of the war that made it famous, also constructed not only fighters of lesser renown but pioneering types in other widely differing categories: bombers and reconnaissance aircraft, the Cuckoo torpedo-dropper and the armoured Salamander and Buffalo these in addition to several civil types, including the pre-war Three-seater and the post-Armistice Dove, Gnu, Atlantic and Wallaby. Racers also had a place in Sopwith's 'zoo', whose inmates included triplanes, biplanes and monoplanes and floatplanes and flying-boats diverse in form and application. All types and all classes of Sopwith aircraft, and not merely the fighters of the First World War, find their places in this book; and thus the volume serves not merely as a record of technical achievement but as a means of placing in perspective - and sometimes surprisingly in prominence - the less familiar designs that were realised under the leadership of Thomas Sopwith. The work is an important contribution to the early history of British aviation.

Jacket photograph: An unfamiliar view of the Taper Wing Camel
{Author / Publisher / Date}by H. F. King
1981 1st edition. 323pp
{condition}fine, d/j spine slightly discoloured
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