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Sopwith Aircraft

Sopwith Aircraft

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{detailed description}The Sopwith Aviation Company of Kingston upon Thames was at the forefront of aviation during World War One. Thomas Sopwith had been a pioneering pilot in the pre-war years who progressed to producing his own aeroplanes.
A succession of designs came out of the factory during World War One. These ranged from the Tabloid of 1914, which was used on early bombing missions and was a development of a Schneider Trophy-winning seaplane, to the Snipe, which remained in service long after the war. Sopwith also produced the LCT, popularly known as the 11/2 Strutter, the 80hp Scout, better known as the Pup, the Triplane and the legendary Camel, which was credited with the destruction of more enemy aircraft than any other Allied aeroplane.
Sopwiths made an enormous contribution to the development of shipborne naval aviation. The Pup and Camel were both adapted as fighters for fleet defence, and the world's first ship-launched strike was made by Camels. Sopwith was also charged with the development of the first ship-launched torpedo-carrying aeroplane, which entered service as the Cuckoo and which remained in the RAF's inventory post-war.
Other designs such as the Dolphin, with its Hispano Suiza engine, and the armoured Salamander may not have received the same recognition as the Pup, Triplane and Camel, but were equally important developments and are described here.
The text covers the development and use, both service and civilian, of all Sopwith aircraft, as well as the background to the company and the men, such as Harry Hawker and Fred Sigrist, who made it such a success. This book records the enormous contribution made to the infant air services by the company and the tremendous advances that were achieved in performance and capability during a war that lasted just four years.
With many rare photographs and specially-drawn artwork, this is a fine tribute to an important aeroplane manufacturer.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Mick Davis
published by Crowood 1999 1st edn. 176pp profusely illustrated, index, appendix. 23x29
{condition}near mint, inc. d/j.
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