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Spitfire Survivors

Spitfire Survivors

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{detailed description}SPITFIRE! - the very name has a special ring to it, the aircraft that more than any other seems to symbolise the wartime Royal Air Force. But how many Spitfires survive today? The answer, surprisingly, is that the number seems to grow year by year as aircraft that were written off years ago and often in far flung corners of the globe are rediscovered and, thanks to modern techniques of aero engineering, put back together to fly once again.
This book attempts to describe the Spitfires, and Seafires, that survive in the U.K. during 1984, an aircraft is considered to be worthy of inclusion if there is at least 50% of the airframe still intact.
Where possible the aircraft is illustrated by a modern photograph but in a few cases it has been necessary to resort to photos taken earlier in the life of the aircraft, in those very few cases where no photo was available this was usually because the aircraft was so stripped for rebuilding that a photo was impossible to obtain.

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Gordon Riley
published by Aston Publications 1984 1st edn. 72pp illustrated 15x21 card covers
{condition}very good
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