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Spitfire: The History

Spitfire: The History

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{detailed description}Arguably the most famous aeroplane of World War Two, the Spitfire was one of the greatest fighter aircraft ever to grace the skies. This book - based on original documents and primary research - tells the full technical, design and manufacturing history of a legendary aircraft.
The story of the Spitfire spans practically two decades, from its first flight on 5 March 1936 to its last operational sortie on 1 April 1954. Even now, half a century later, examples of various marks of Spitfire delight air show spectators around the world, as they hear the distinctive note of its Merlin or Griffon engine and catch sight of its superbly streamlined shape and elliptical wings.
It was one of the fastest aircraft of its time, reflecting its origins in a series of elegant, high-speed seaplanes designed by R. J. Mitchell for the Schneider Trophy contests in the twenties and thirties. Of these, the Super-marine S .6B won the trophy on 13 September 1931 and captured the world air speed record a fortnight later at more than 400mph. From these aircraft evolved the Spitfire, which entered Royal Air Force service in 1938, as fighter, fighter-bomber, and photo-reconnaissance aircraft, with many variants and subtypes, featuring continual modifications during and beyond the war years.
This book tells the full story of all Spitfire variants, in all configurations and modified forms, plus the Seafire, 'Super Seafire', Spiteful and Seafang.
piece, representing more than twenty-five years of research that took its authors into the remotest regions of archival territory. The scope is immense, covering seventy-one related type numbers and encompassing information on more than 22,500 aircraft. Rare documents, photographs and drawings define the evolution to an unprecedented degree to create a unique record.
No serious student of the Spitfire can afford to be without this book, while the modeller will find this to be the ultimate reference source.

A text of unmatched detail and authority based upon the manufacturers' archives

More than 1400 illustrations

Over 600 large-format pages

The full technical, design and manufacturing story of all marks and variants of Spitfires, in all configurations and modified forms, plus the Seafire and 'Super Seafire', Spiteful and Seafang

888 photographs depicting the entire range of Spitfire marks and their prototypes

404 line illustrations showing details of design and construction in intimate detail, most from official sources

180 colour plans and profiles showing camouflage and markings of specific aircraft and squadrons, including Spitfires in service with overseas air forces

Appendices covering Air Ministry specifications, serials and block allocations, contracts, engines, Schneider Trophy floatplanes, and camouflage and markings o

Concise individual histories of the vast majority of Spitfires and Seafires produced

An invaluable documentary and pictorial resource for the aviation enthusiast and researcher, and the ultimate reference book for the modeller

Revised, expanded edition including 125 extra illustrations

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Eric B. Morgan and Edward Shacklady
published by Key Books 2000 5th impression, revised 650pp illustrated with photos, line drawings, diagrams, 3 view drawings, colour drawings 22x31
{condition}very slightly yellowed at edges, minor handling marks, otherwise very good, in slightly worn d/j
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