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Superfortress at War

Superfortress at War

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{detailed description}She was born in Seattle, grew up in Wichita, and died in the skies over Japan. She was the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, loved and hated, Queen of the Skies and an aborting bitch.
She was graceful, with a long, sleek body that caught the sun in dazzling highlights. Her wings were wide, with a gentle taper and a slimness that hinted at effortless flight. Her power lay inside four huge engine nacelles, crowding forward from the uncluttered wing, bulging with steel and aluminium and magnesium that had been alloyed and shaped into cylinders, gears, rods, cases, and twin superchargers.
She was clean, aerodynamically smooth, with countersunk rivet heads lying flush with the aluminium alloy skin surfaces. Drop the landing gear, and her drag doubled.
She spawned superlatives: highest, fastest, biggest bomb load. Slowest-turning, biggest metal propellers. Largest cowl flaps. Heaviest and longest aluminium extrusion.
And the ultimate superlative: She dropped the first — and then the second — atomic bomb.
She was the pivotal airplane in the long and difficult transition from a subservient strategic air force to an independent United States Air Force.
This superb evocation of a great aircraft at war is by the distinguished American aviation writer David Anderton and is an outstanding contribution to the unique Ian Allan series –which has been widely acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by David Anderton
Published by Ian Allan 1978 1st edition. 176pp
{condition}slightly yellowed otherwise good, including d/j (small closed tear at rear)
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