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The 9th Air Force in World War Two

The 9th Air Force in World War Two

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{detailed description}This ambitious book sets down for posterity a complete record of the exploits of the men and their planes of this famous unit beginning with its birth in the North African desert in 1942. The unforgettable missions over the Ploesti oil refineries… the invasions of Italy… its rebirth in England where it furnished air support at Ardennes and the Battle of the Bulge… and on to its greatest hour in the victorious sweep into Germany… all these are covered in minute detail.
Personal contact by the author to individuals of various units was made when Air Force files proved to be incomplete, and results of this intensive research... text, drawings, charts, and photos... will for the first time, allow historians, artists and modellers to accurately identify or portray any phase of the memorable 9th Air Force.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Kenn C. Rust
published by Aero Publishers (USA) 1967 1st edn. 245pp profusely illustrated, index, bibliography 22x28
{condition}light foxing otherise very good in good d/j: 2 tears to front panel, tape repaired from the inside
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