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The Aircraft Carrier Story 1908-1945

The Aircraft Carrier Story 1908-1945

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{detailed description}Aircraft carriers came of age in the Second World War, when they supplanted the great traditional capital ships as the strategic core of naval warfare. Operating from their mobile bases, able to fly in all but the worst weather, no longer limited in their potential range from land, carrier aircraft could attack and defend with a freedom that changed the conduct of war at sea for ever. Thirty years of experiment and development had paid off handsomely.
But the beginnings of the aircraft carrier were slow and difficult.
Guy Robbins' detailed history tells of the early days in the First World War, when seaplanes had to be lowered from the ship to take off from the sea, and - with luck -winched aboard again on their return. These impracticalities pointed the way to what now seems the obvious solution: a long, flat, unobstructed seaborne deck and aircraft adapted to take off from and land on it in safety. The author examines Royal Navy, American and Japanese progress in carrier development and strategy through the interwar years, showing how naval powers gradually shifted their thinking to favour the carrier. Together with sharply reported accounts of wartime engagements, both successes and failures, concentrating on US carrier deployment, this book offers a valuable new account of the most significant weapons platform to have emerged in the mid-twentieth century.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Guy Robbins
published by Cassell and Company 2001 1st edn. 288pp profusely illustrated, index. 23x28
{condition}mint, d/j fine.
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