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The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters

The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters

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{detailed description}Written from a pilot's perspective, this unique book provides a comprehensive overview of helicopter flying. It provides an unparalleled insight into all aspects of the modern helicopter, from turbine engines to Automatic Flight Control Systems, including descriptions of phenomena not explained elsewhere.
The book is arranged in two parts:
Beginners section which covers the fundamentals of helicopter theory, performance and flying. Numerous examples of how different fundamentals interact, as seen from the cockpit, are presented.
Advanced section covers material relevant to those who already know how to fly helicopters but are interested in understanding more about the machine. This section uses many of the chapter headings of the first part but goes into much greater detail.
The material on autorotations is the most comprehensive in any book on helicopters and the viewpoint is always from the cockpit.
Based on the author's experience of flying more than 43 types of helicopters ranging in size from the Mi-26 to the R-22, and his experience in flight testing a wide variety of machines, the style adopted is easily understood and describes not only the way helicopters fly but also some of the peculiar things they do, and why. This long needed, exciting book satisfies, in a single volume, the needs of all pilots whether they fly helicopters, are learning to fly helicopters, or are instructing on helicopters.
It also satisfies the technical requirements for any entry level college course on rotor wing aircraft and will be of interest to amateurs and enthusiasts alike.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Shawn Coyle
published by Arnold 1996 1st edn. 225pp profusely illustrated with many b&w photos, drawings and diagrams, index 20x27 paperback
{condition}very good
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