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The Forgotten Pilots

The Forgotten Pilots

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{detailed description}This is the story of the Air Transport Auxiliary, a civilian organisation which, during the 1939-45 war, took over the task of ferrying RN and RAF aircraft from the factories to the airfields, thus releasing Service pilots for more active duties.
A particularly remarkable aspect of the ATA was its employment of men and a minority of women, as pilots and flight engineers on an equal basis. Over a dozen nations including the United States were represented amongst its ranks.
Although the ATA came into existence at the outbreak of war, it was under Lord Beaverbrook, the first Minister of Aircraft Production, that it grew to full stature. By this time it was being controlled functionally by the Ministry of Aircraft Production, operationally by No. 41 Group RAF whilst being administered by the British Overseas Airways Corporation. This divided allegiance produced kindred problems and the book tells for the first time something of the inter-departmental tensions which accompanied the setting up of this Auxiliary.
The book takes as its theme the story of how women pilots came to be employed by the ATA, and how they progressed from flying Tiger Moths to four-engined bombers. This is covered by a history of the ATA itself from its far sighted origin, through its evolution, to its unobtrusive disbandment. The story takes in the work of the ATA as a whole, including its ground support organisation. It describes in some detail the training, day-to-day work and the aircraft flown by "The Forgotten Pilots".

Signed "Lettice" and inscribed as a Christmas gift dated 1982
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Lettice Curtis
published by The Author 1982 2nd edn. of Foulis 1971 1st, 337pp illustrated, index 15x22 paperback
{condition}some edge-wear and light foxing, otherwise good. Signed "Lettice" and inscribed as a Christmas gift dated 1982
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