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The Helicopter Directory

The Helicopter Directory

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{detailed description}A perennial oddity whose development lagged for years behind that of conventional aircraft, the helicopter achieved an engineering breakthrough in time to demonstrate its battleworthiness in the final months of World War 2. In subsequent military operations, first in Korea and later Vietnam, it effectively demonstrated its vital role under conditions of modern warfare.
Today the unique versatility of these VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft is evidenced by their world-wide use for a variety of military and civil purposes, the latest of which include the servicing of rigs in remote areas of oil and gas exploration and the movement of giant-sized cargoes.
This wide-ranging selection of the world's most significant helicopters features over one hundred different types from seven nations, together with details of dimensions, performance and power plants.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Joseph Mill Brown
published by David and Charles 1976 edn. 128pp profusely illustrated 23x16
{condition}foxing to edges, otherwise good, inc. d/j.
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