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The History of Britain's Military Training Aircraft

The History of Britain's Military Training Aircraft

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{detailed description}Britain embraced the aeroplane as yet another weapon of war almost from its inception. Subsequently she has had repeated opportunities to display her prowess in this area of military operations, and today - it is generally agreed - can boast a standard of professional competence that is second to none.
This competence is, and always has been, based on the quality of the training establishment and the quality of the training aircraft adopted, yet the part they have played in the successes of Britain's armed forces has largely been overlooked in the recording of aviation history.
In 'Britain's Military Training Aircraft' Ray Sturtivant traces the history of the training organisations and aircraft from before the First World War to the present day. He describes in detail the way that the training regime has developed as a result of technological advance and the experience of conflict, and looks at the ever-changing criteria used for the .selection of new training aircraft over the years.
Additional to the general discussion of the training aircraft used, there is a type-by-type profile of twenty-two of the mainstream training aircraft from the Avro 504 to the Shorts Tucano, each of which is introduced by a cockpit illustration drawn specially for this book by Mike Keep. All of these aircraft are well-known, many of them, such as the Tiger Moth, Harvard and Gnat, having a special place in the affections of the thousands of aircrew who trained on them. Many, too, are firm favourites with the thousands who flock to see them at airshows every year.
Each type profile contains a concise development and production history of the aircraft, with much first-hand information contributed by instructors, students and groundcrew to give a vivid and often amusing insight into the realities of operating the type.
Appendices comprise details of contract specifications for all training aircraft, and production serial numbers for all aircraft types built.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Ray Sturtivant
Published by Haynes/Foulis 1987 1st edn. 256pp profusely illustrated. 22x28
{condition}minor edge-wear otherwise near fine, inc. d/j.
This copy is from the aviation library of Owen Thetford and has been annotated. There are also several illustrations, taken from other publications, both loosely inserted and also pasted in to the margins, presumably by him.
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