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The Mosquito 50 Years On

The Mosquito 50 Years On

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{detailed description}THE DH 98 MOSQUITO...
The Wooden Wonder, Termite's Dream, the Bamboo Bomber, Freemans Folly or just plain Mossie - call it what you will, de Havilland's Mosquito was a totally unique concept - Initially unwanted, the design proved to be highly advanced, the world's first Multi-role combat aircraft or, in the words of Mike Ramsden - the world's first 'Stealth' bomber.
The design was fifty years old in 1990 - the Hatfield branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society, in conjunction with the De Havilland Aircraft Museum decided that the occasion should not pass un-noticed - organising a Symposium weekend with selected speakers that were directly involved - either designing, building, operating or recording the history.
Speakers like John Cunningham who operated night-fighters with such skill, Alec Harvey-Bailey who was directly involved with Rolls Royce Merlin development and Captain Eric Brown, the first man to land a Mosquito (or any other twin engined machine for that matter) on a carrier all stood up and told their stones first hand.
Such was the historical importance of the Symposium, it was decided that a permanent record should be produced in the form of this book, placing in print for others the story of this magnificent aircraft
Cover photographs:-
Front: RR299 of British Aerospace and Kermit Weeks' RS712 formate together for the camera of BAe's Darryl Cott.
Rear. The core of the Mosquito Aircraft Museum's restoration team proudly in front of Mosquito TA634 for photographer John Cornell.

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Anonymous
published by G.M.S. Enterprises 1991 1st edn. 139pp illustrated 15x22
{condition}near mint, inc. d/j
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