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The North American Sabre

The North American Sabre

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{detailed description}This new volume in the Macdonald Aircraft Monograph series of famous aircraft types, sets forth the development and Service history of the North American Sabre fighter, certainly one of aviation's most important technological milestones, and an aircraft whose value in the Korean war cannot be underestimated.
Starting with the fascinating account of the methodical American examination of sequestrated German wartime research material, Mr. Wagner passes to a detailed commentary on the development of America's first swept-wing jet fighter, the XP-86, at the same time providing the essential design background of other influencing projects.
The Korean war is dealt with in considerable detail, with the full significance of the Sabre's actions explained in the light of the Communist's widespread use of the MIG-15 jet fighter. Also included is a most important and detailed comparison of the two fighters.
All versions of the Sabre are fully described and lavishly illustrated, including the U.S. Naval FJ-Furies, the "Sabre-Dogs", the world record-breaking aeroplanes, the export aircraft and the licence-built British Commonwealth versions. Three-view tone drawings and service histories of individual machines complete the book in the same format established by this Series.

Though the tide of the Korean War swept back and forth on the land, the final outcome was largely decided high over the soldiers' heads between the glinting swept-wing fighters—contemporaries from the two major air arsenals of the World. And it was the pilots of America's F-86 Sabre which proved superior to those of the Communist MIG-15, and thus enabled the United Nations to impose their will in the final count.
This winning weapon had been the result of painstaking examination and development of the sequestrated German wartime research—development which rode the flood of America's aircraft industry, swollen by active war and nurtured under the shadow of cold war with Communism.
The Sabre represented not only one of the Free World's most important weapons in terms of mutual defence in so many countries, but one of Aviation's truly great technological milestones. With it came the World's first operational transonic swept-wing fighter and as such provided the yardstick by which succeeding fighters of all nations came to be measured.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Ray Wagner
Published by Macdonald 1963 1st edn. 162pp profusely illustrated with b&w photos and tone drawings. 19x25
{condition}very good in chipped d/j.
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