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The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service 1918-1986

The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service 1918-1986

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{detailed description}During World War II the RAF Air Sea Rescue Service were the saviours of over 13,000 aircrew. In addition it rescued hundreds of victims from ships that had been struck by mines or sunk by torpedo attack. The service operated wherever the RAF was based and likely to be flying over the sea. Its origins lay in 1918 when the Royal Air Force was created and the Marine Craft Section (MCS) was formed. Its primary role was to attend and assist seaplanes and flying boats, rather than rescue. However, as the range and capabilities of aircraft improved it soon became apparent that in the event of pilots either ditching their aircraft or baling out over water a rescue service was needed. Thus, after the RAF's initial experience of air warfare during World War II, the MCS became the RAF Air Sea Rescue Service on 6th February 1941, with the responsibilities for the coordination of all sea rescue operations for aircraft and their crew, the provision of equipment that could be dropped to assist downed personnel before ship rescue arrived and the provision of adequate marine craft, buoys and other aids to rescue. This book looks at the steady development of the various high-speed boats that were required, the communications between sea, air and land bases, and the requirement to arm the vessels for defence against air and sea attack. All the areas of operation are described including UK home waters, the Mediterranean, Middle-East and Far-East. It includes many first-hand accounts from both aircraft and ships' crew and gives detailed information of the boats and aircraft used in the service.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell
published by Pen and Sword 2005 1st edn. 244pp illustrated, index 14x22
{condition}mint inc. d/j
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