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The Right of the Line

The Right of the Line

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{detailed description}Here for the first time in one volume is the story of the RAF's achievement in the second European War, from its birth as a modern air force in the mid 1930s to its triumphant finish with over 9,000 aircraft and over one million officers and men.
John Terraine, acclaimed historian of the First World War, moves confidently forward for his first book on its sequel, to search beyond the set-piece occasions which we know so well — the Battle of Britain, the Bomber Offensive and the superbly dramatic episodes such as the Dam Busters' raid. He takes in the humble beginnings, the struggle for survival at sea, the Desert Air Force and the evolution of Tactical Air Forces, the defeat of the U-boats and the mighty climax of Operation Overlord. Using material not hitherto available and with access to sources previously restricted, John Terraine reassesses the role of the Royal Air Force in its second war; its famous personalities — Dowding and Bader, Portal, Tedder, Coningham and Harris. He
studies the aircraft which were at the centre of the action, their development, production and performance — and their enemies. But above all he offers a new view of the Royal Air Force itself against the huge canvas of world war.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by John Terraine
published by Hodder and Stoughton 1985 1st edn. 841pp illustrated, index, appendices, bibliography16x24
{condition}foxing to edges, otherwise good in very good d/j.
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