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The Role of the Bomber

The Role of the Bomber

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{detailed description}Lavishly illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs, The Role of the Bomber describes the changing strategic and tactical operations of the bomber from the days of ballooning to the present day. It is a role that has always been significant, but often different from that predicted -surprisingly effective at sea, but unexpectedly limited in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.
Contents include:
An analysis of the growth of bombing techniques during the First World War and the controversy which arose even then over strategic versus tactical policies.
Accounts of the first strategic bomber offensives.
'Billy' Mitchell's devastating demonstrations of air power off the coast of the United States in the early 1920s.
Britain's 'police force' bombers in the Middle East during the inter-war years.
The varying concepts of bombing policy that grew up before the Second World War.
The abortive early attacks of the British bomber forces, and the failure of the German bombers to prevent the evacuation of Dunkirk, or to win either the Battle of Britain or the Battle of the Blitz which followed it.
The British night bomber offensives of 1942 onwards.
Daylight bombing raids by U.S. aircraft.
The involvement of the bomber and its crew in the technologies of offence and defence.
The emergence of the bomber as a vital weapon of the war at sea.
The Battles of the Coral Sea and of Midway.
The use of the bomber in the Americans' island-stepping approach to Japan.
The great fire-raids on Japan itself.
The dropping of the first nuclear bombs.
The role of the nuclear bomber.
The Korean and Vietnam fighting.
The Arab-Israeli wars.
Electronic technology in the bomber's future.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Ronald W. Clarke
published by Sidgwick and Jackson 1977 1st edn. 160pp profusely illustrated, index, bibliography 20x25
{condition}slightly yellowed, some foxing, otherwise fine inc. d/j.
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