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The Third Service

The Third Service

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{detailed description}This is the first book about the Royal Air Force which is not content with the surface history of the Service. It explores the ceaseless clash of personalities and views that in the opinion of the author has played an important part in the formation of the third British fighting service. As a document it is undoubtedly unique; the Royal Air Force has won its independence entirely within the first half of this century and the personal memories of the protagonists have helped to interpret and supplement written records. No such detailed evidence is available for study where the origins of the other two services are concerned.
Sir Philip Joubert, who is known to millions all over the world for his eloquence in broadcasting during the war, is especially qualified to write this book. In his service career he has spanned the whole history of the Royal Air Force and has known the majority of the officers and statesmen who have fought the "battle of Whitehall". In addition to this he has had access to War Office and Air Ministry documents, and has received much valuable information from the true founder of the R.A.F., Lord Trenchard. He presents an interesting picture of many great men who have now become almost legendary and softens an unsparing criticism of their policy with many an anecdote of the early, more carefree days; at the same time he is quick to recognize true worth when he sees it.
This book is a major contribution both to the history of the Royal Air Force and also to the study of British Governmental policy in the twentieth century.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by A. C. M. Sir Philip Joubert
published by Thames and Hudson 1955 1st edn. 1st edn. 274pp illustrated, index, appendices 14x22
{condition}good in slightly torn d/j.
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