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The W. A. A. F. in Action

The W. A. A. F. in Action

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{detailed description}This book, with more than eighty photographs specially taken for it, will astonish most readers by the wide range of the W. A . A .F. 's activities.
In his Introduction 'H.E.B.' writes: " It is certain that Tennyson's 'sweet girl graduates with their golden hair ' would have wondered greatly at the young girls, seen in these pictures, who are scrambling about gigantic flying boats, hauling balloons, testing plugs, refuelling aircraft, greasing truck-wheels, packing parachutes, assembling engines, and in fact generally taking the place of men. Most of these jobs would have seemed to them a short way of killing a young girl. . . . If you look at the pictures again you will notice something else. They have one important thing in common. The women in them, though a little differently dressed and coiffured than Tennyson's golden haired graduates, are still unmistakably feminine. Neither a war nor a uniform nor an era of emancipation has destroyed their charm."
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Anonymous
published by Adam and Charles Black 1944 1st edn. 60pp profusely illustrated 19x25
{condition}very good in worn and rubbed d/j, torn with some loss to top edges
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