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The Schneider Trophy

The Schneider Trophy

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{detailed description}Dust wrapper notes:
"If you are of fifty to fifty-five years of age, you may have childhood memories of the last Schneider Trophy Contest, in which a British seaplane gained permanent possession of the Trophy. Perhaps you were one of the lucky few to see the gleaming blue and silver Supermarine S-6B hurtle through the air at a then breathtaking speed. Or did you hear the excited voice of the BBC commentator become drowned in the roar of the superb Rolls-Royce engine that carried the S-6B to victory?
If you have reached the age of retirement, then you can span the entire history of water-borne aircraft, back to 28 March 1910 when the Frenchman Henri Fabre recorded the first powered flight from water, in a monoplane floatplane of his own design and construction.
David Mondey's history of the Schneider Trophy Contests starts with the first realisation of powered flight on 17 December 1903, and traces the early development of marine aviation, leading to the Schneider Trophy Contests and their impact on the evolution of high speed aircraft and the engines that powered them.
Whatever your age, if you have an interest in aviation this most readable book will either reawaken old memories or provide a fascinating glimpse of the development of airframes and engines. Though covering technicalities, it is written in such a way that it will be understood by the non-technical reader. There are no fewer than 57 three-view drawings of historic seaplanes, together with specification details of many course plans for each contest plus 58 black and white photographs."
{Author / Publisher / Date}by David Mondey
Published by Hale 1975 1st edition. 303pp illustrated with 58 b&w photos and 57 line drawings, index, appendix. 16x24
{condition}near fine, including d/j.
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