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The Spitfire Log

The Spitfire Log

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{detailed description}Fifty years ago, on 6 March, 1936, was born one of the most famous and best loved aeroplanes the world has ever known. Designed as a unique high-speed fighter plane for the RAF, the Spitfire, and the courageous young pilots who flew it, became the heroes of the Battle of Britain. When, at the height of the conflict, metal supplies for new Spitfires ran short, British housewives in their thousands ransacked their kitchens and donated old pots and pans for the sake of the gallant little fighter.
Today, forty years after the end of the Second World War, the Spitfire is still remembered with affection by all who flew in her, a special 'plane whose name, among a host of others, remains bright in the memory. Seventy-two Spitfires, lovingly restored to pristine condition, survive in museums around Britain and appear for a ceremonial fly-past at air shows.
This lavishly illustrated tribute brings together a fascinating collection of writings by men who flew or admired the Spitfire, from the top Allied flying ace of the Second World War, Air Vice Marshal James 'Johnnie' Johnson, to his German counterpart, General Major Adolf Galland. Novelists like Gavin Lyall and the late H. E. Bates, the young hero Richard Hillary, Lord Beaverbrook and Richard Dimbleby, are all represented here with a host of other illustrious men who knew and loved the little'plane.
For those born too late to have known the Spitfire in its heyday, the book includes a chronology of the Battle of Britain, a list of the twenty Spitfire squadrons with their bases and squadron leaders, the 'plane's specifications and the story of its creation, and a list of museums where Spitfires can be seen today. Illustrated with a wealth of contemporary and modern photographs, the book is a fitting tribute to the 'plane that so gloriously defended our island shores.
{Author / Publisher / Date}Compiled by Peter Haining
Published by Souvenir Press 1985 1st edition. 144pp illustrated
{condition}fine, d/j slightly worn on edges.
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