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The Swordfish Story

The Swordfish Story

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{detailed description}Designed as a torpedo spotter reconnaissance aircraft in 1933, the Fairey Swordfish 'Stringbag' was to become one of the most remarkable aircraft of the Second World War. A relatively slow biplane of limited performance, in theory obsolete in a new age of monoplanes, it appeared just as German rearmament became more public and was seen as an obvious machine to meet Fleet Air Arm needs. It was the standard carrier-borne torpedo bomber and also operated from capital ships for reconnaissance and bombardment spotting duties. Easily manoeuvrable and forgiving of errors, it endeared itself to its crews and earned legendary battle honours, including Norway, the Bismarck attack, Taranto and the 'Channel dash' operations.
This is the story of Fairey's most famous aircraft, from design genesis through peacetime service, then war action in many theatres and on to final retirement, by when it had outlived its supposed successor. Naval aviation historian Ray Sturtivant's indispensable account combines facts and data with crew reminiscences to create a complete historical narrative. Superbly illustrated throughout, the book includes full specifications for the Swordfish variants; the names of all squadrons fully or partly equipped with Swordfish; a directory of all known Swordfish losses; and a list of all aircraft individual histories.
The Swordfish Story is the most detailed, accurate and all-embracing history of the perennially favourite 'Stringbag' ever to be published.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Ray Sturtivant
Published by Cassell & Co. 2000 Extended and revised edition of a title first published by AAP in 1993. 240pp profusely illustrated, index, appendices, bibliography. 22x28 soft cover
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