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{detailed description}One of the most famous single-seat warplanes of the Second World War, and built in larger numbers than any other American fighter, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a notable contrast to many of its contemporaries. The heaviest single-engine fighter to reach large-scale service – twice as heavy as the British Spitfire or Japanese 'Zero' in some configurations – it featured a large air-cooled radial engine combined with an efficient turbo-compressor endowing it with excellent altitude performance. Despite its size and weight, one Thunderbolt model was the fastest Allied propeller-driven fighter to see combat. The firepower of its eight 'point-fifty' machine guns was reckoned by friend and foe alike to provide the most effective armament of any Second World War fighter. The two top US fighter pilots of the war in Europe flew Thunderbolts, bearing testimony to its success in combat. The Thunderbolt's durability was another well-known asset. It could withstand an extraordinary amount of battle damage and still fly on, while in a crash-landing no other fighter gave the pilot a greater chance to escape uninjured.
This book tells the technical and combat story of the Thunderbolt, explaining the why and wherefore of its development, tactical employment as an escort fighter and its adaptation to the role in which it excelled – ground attack. In addition to the narrative history dealing with many aspects of the Thunderbolt, this book includes details of service use by Allied air forces, accounts by pilots who flew this fighter in different theatres of war, and technical data on all Thunderbolt models. Illustrated with over 200 photographs, including colour reproductions, this book also features detailed plans of P-47s based on manufacturers' statistics and measurements of actual aircraft.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Roger Freeman
Published by Macdonald and Janes 1st edition 1978 152pp profusely illustrated with b&w photos, (23 in colour) line and 3 view drawings, index. 22x29
{condition}fine, d/j very good.
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