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US Naval Fighters of World War Two in Action

US Naval Fighters of World War Two in Action

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{detailed description}United States Naval Fighters of World War II in Action is mainly the story of the war at sea in the vast Pacific theater. It appears paradoxical that some of the greatest sea battles of all time should have been contested not by a direct confrontation of the heavy ordnance of capital ships but by naval aviators in action often hundreds of miles from their carrier bases. This book vividly recalls the saga of these Naval and Marine airmen and the great machines they flew in the war that in daily encounters with the enemy promised less than an even chance of survival.
Present day aircraft enthusiasts will thrill to the author's penetrating technical analysis of such famous types as the Corsair, Hellcat, Wildcat, Tigercat and Bearcat. Even the Brewster Buffalo described by the author as 'an unmitigated disaster' assumes the aura of the plucky fighter equal in spirit if not in construction and performance to the challenge of the air. The author is equally concerned with the flyers and the way in which they lived on board the carriers and island bases, their combat techniques and the courage with which so many of them died. The great carriers are also seen here in all their grandeur; their story recalls the golden era in the history of United States Naval Aviation.
Michael O'Leary, the author, who is a resident of Los Angeles, has been an enthusiast of veteran and vintage aircraft for many years. Having himself flown many of the surviving aircraft of the World War II era both in the U.S.A. and Britain, the author maintains large files of historic material and photographs on both the famous and obscure combat aircraft of the past and present. His job as executive editor for a magazine publishing company allows time for considerable travel to international museums where material for this volume was obtained.

Front of jacket
This photograph, which was specially taken by Jim Larson, illustrates four Corsairs that have been restored to pristine condition for airshow display by their owners. Pilots of the four aircraft are Howard Pardue with an F4U-4, Merle Gustafson with another F4U-4, Dennis Bradley of the Canadian Warplane Heritage with their FG-ID, and W. Williams with his FG-ID.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Michael O'Leary
published by Blandford 1980 1st edn. 160pp profusely illustrated, index, bibliography 23x28
{condition}fine, inc. d/j.
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