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United States Air Force 1989

United States Air Force 1989

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{detailed description}This publication contains details of aircraft operated by the United States Air Force including the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, and has been divided into the following format:
Each section is devoted to a major command within the Air Force structure. A brief introduction leads into a numerical listing of the units within the command. Each unit entry in turn then includes information on the base or bases from which it operates; aircraft type or types operated; unit code if carried; the serial numbers of aircraft believed to be on strength; any applicable notes, i.e. unit composition, fin markings utilised, re-equipment plans, future changes and any other relevant information.
Serial information included is based on sightings as recent as 16th April 1989, although current information for certain areas of the world, particularly the Pacific Area is not readily available.
Following the main command listings are small sections detailing aircraft of the Military Air Advisory Groups and the trials aircraft operated by the major airframe manufacturers.
The final section, in order to provide as complete a picture as possible, is a list of serials of aircraft in temporary storage, on recent overhaul, about to be delivered or whose whereabouts are uncertain.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Anonymous
published by Blackbird Aviation Publications 74pp 15x21 paperback
{condition} good
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