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United States Military Aircraft Since 1909

United States Military Aircraft Since 1909

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{detailed description}This classic reference work was last published in 1971. Since then US Air Force and Army Aviation has undergone significant changes in aircraft equipment deriving from radical rethinking of their tactical and strategic role following the end of the Vietnam war. Consequently, this new edition has been almost rewritten, with extended and more detailed entries on aircraft in service in 1971, plus coverage of over twenty entirely new types that have been introduced since then. These range from the now well-established A-10 Thunderbolt II, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the F-15 Eagle, through those currently entering service like the B-1B, to the highly secret Lockheed F-19 and Northrop B-2 'Stealth' aircraft. Recent transport and support aircraft are also represented with the KC-10 Extender, C-12 Huron, and the new McDonnell Douglas C-17, as well as helicopters like the AH-64 Apache and the H-60 Black Hawk
In addition to this new material, the entire text has been reviewed and much new and updated information is included for the older types as well as the new. The introductory sections on designations, colouring and markings have been thoroughly revised, as has the appendix on balloons and airships. Furthermore, the illustrative content of the book has also been expanded, with 14 additional general arrangement drawings, over 50 extra photographs and in numerous cases better examples substituted for photos used in previous editions.
All this makes the Third Edition of United States Military Aircraft a virtually new book and a priceless single-volume reference to the aviation of the Army and Air Force of the United States.
Cover illustration: An original painting by Keith Woodcock of Rockwell B-1B 83-0065 'Star of Abilene' of the 96th Bomb Wing, Dyess AFB, I986.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Gordon Swanborough and Peter M. Bowers
1989 new edn. 766pp

originally published 1963 as United States Military Aircraft Since 1909
Revised edition published 1971 as United States Military Aircraft Since 1908
This new edition published under the original title as United States Military Aircraft Since 1909
{condition} fine, d/j spine slightly faded.
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