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V Force: Ready for the Unthinkable

V Force: Ready for the Unthinkable

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{detailed description}Brief history of Britain's airborne nuclear deterrent, put together by RAF Museum staff.

As the Cold War gathered pace, the British government decided it had no option but to develop its own nuclear deterrent to counter the Soviet threat and remain at the top table of international politics. Less than a decade after the Soviets unveiled their own 'bomb' to the world in 1950, a new generation of nuclear strike aircraft entered service with the Royal Air Force: the Valiant, Victor and Vulcan. They were to become the iconic embodiment of Britain's nuclear response: V-Force.

Front cover photo: Avro Vulcans stand in line as air crews run to the aircraft as part of a readiness exercise.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Simon Michell (Editor)
published by Newsdesk Communications for the RAF Museum 2008 1st edn. 38pp profusely illustrated, some colour, 21x30 card covers
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