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Vintage Model Aeroplanes

Vintage Model Aeroplanes

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{detailed description}About the series:
The 'Radio Control Handbooks' series is designed to focus in detail on the various vital techniques which the R/C modeller has to master. Unlike other books, this series concentrates on the crucial areas of expertise where many hobbyists come unstuck, and it provides in-depth practical instructions on every question you are likely to ask about the particular subject. The series is edited by David Boddington, editor of 'RCM&E' and Alec Gee, editor of 'Radio Modeller' and the books are written by acknowledged experts in their subject.

About this book:
Nostalgia rules, O.K.! Answers to the question 'What is Vintage' are followed by an international history of model flight; choosing a vintage subject [kit or plan, conventional or unorthodox, functional or shapely] is covered next, with details on building and covering, engines and fuels. Then flying, with practical advice on control surfaces, trimming, undercarriage design for take-off and landing, engine thrustline requirements and the dangers of vibration. Flying in vintage contests and vintage R/C equipment and its practical use today are also included in this essential handbook for all those who were around in vintage times and those who would like to have been!

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Peter Russell
published by Argus Books 1989 1st edn. 63pp profusely illustrated with b&w photos and drawings 18x24 paperback
{condition}very good
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