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Voices in the Air 1939-1945

Voices in the Air 1939-1945

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{detailed description}A unique and enthralling anthology compiled by World War Two flying ace Laddie Lucas, Voices in the Air tells the story of the air battles of the Second World War in the voices of those who took part. Drawn largely on the writings of the combatants themselves from all sides of the conflict, this book offers a vivid and highly individual account of the great aerial campaigns of World War Two.
From a thrilling account of the first sustained dogfight between Spitfire and Messerschmitt in 1940, to an eighteen year-old Japanese suicide pilot's last letter home and the Luftwaffe leaders' analysis of `what went wrong' after the Battle of Britain, the book dramatically deals with every aspect of the war.
Full of stories of astonishing escapades, incredible bravery, dogged persistence and moving feats of arms, Voices in the Air honours both the sung and the unsung heroes of the war.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Laddie Lucas (editor)
published by Ted Smart 2003 edn. (of 1983 1st) 538pp index 14x20 pictorial laminated boards with d/j
{condition}very light foxing otherwise near fine
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