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War Birds: Military Aircraft of the First World War in Colour

War Birds: Military Aircraft of the First World War in Colour

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{detailed description}Originally published in Italy, this edition translated by Dale McAdoo. Illustrated with black and white photographs, colour profile and scale three view paintings by various Italian artists; 479 illustrations in total with 323 in colour:

Beginning with the very early attempts at mechanized flight, this volume progresses from the earliest venturesome prototypes piloted by reckless "flying men" to a thorough coverage of all the types of plane used during the First World War. Here then is a panorama of aviation from its origins to the first wartime use of aircraft on a large scale, from which was born the modern science of aeronautics. Every model of aeroplane dealt with here is presented in the five classic views, along with any significant variants, as well as its detailed history, its structural and technical specifications, performance data and records held. These comprehensive profiles are rendered with such rigorous accuracy and detail that even experts will find new source material. Yet young people and neophyte collectors and modelmakers are also given an opportunity to learn much and feed their new-found enthusiasm.
With almost 500 illustrations (well over 300 of them in full colour), and its completely reliable detailed text, this book provides a splendid supplement to existing aviation literature.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Girgio Apostolo and Giorgio Bignozzi
Published by Macdonald and Janes 1974 1st English edn. 208pp profusely illustrated 25x29
{condition}very good, including d/j.
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