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Wellington at War

Wellington at War

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{detailed description}Any student of the RAF's bomber effort during 1939-45 can be forgiven if, after reading the wealth of literature published since then, he reaches the conclusion that the vast bulk of that effort was undertaken by Lancasters, Halifaxes, and/or Mosquitos. No one could deny the superb contributions made by all those aircraft, yet it is too often forgotten that until any of those designs appeared on the operational scene in significant numbers —until well into 1942 — the responsibility for carrying the, air offensive into German skies was undertaken by several pre-1939 designs of twin-engined bombers. These included the Blenheim, Hampden, Whitley and — especially — a design which was destined to remain in frontline operational service throughout the war and, incidentally, be built in greater quantities than any other RAF bomber during those years — the Vickers Wellington.
Universally nicknamed 'Wimpy' after the hamburger gulping trencherman J. Wellington Wimpy in the prewar Popeye strip cartoon series, the ubiquitous Wellington ultimately undertook every role and duty possible for an aircraft of its configuration. Primarily a bomber, it became equally effective as a submarine hunter-killer, torpedo-strike weapon, reconnaissance vehicle, freight-wagon and supply-dropper, VIP transporter, all-round trainer, ambulance and general communications hack. Its strength of construction became a byword in aircrew circles, and many hundreds of crews owe their lives to the Wimpy's ability to absorb frightening battle damage and still 'bring 'em back alive'. In effect, the Wellington was almost the last of the RAF's 'cloth-bombers' —metal-constructed with fabric skinning — yet most ex-Wimpy crews would swear that it was the greatest such design.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Chaz Bowyer
Published by Ian Allan 1982 1st edition. 128pp profusely illustrated
{condition}mint, including d/j.
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