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World Encyclopaedia of Aircraft Manufacturers

World Encyclopaedia of Aircraft Manufacturers

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{detailed description}Here, within one book, is a comprehensive and authoritative survey of man's attempts since about 1850 to build flying machines. It makes fascinating reading. More than 3,000 entries, illustrated with nearly 300 photographs, feature oddball contraptions and their eccentric designers, as well as the big companies whose aircraft have become household names. So, along with organisations like Grumman, Messerschmitt, Supermarine and Sikorsky, are the enthusiasts who built a single machine in their backyard or, like V. B. Shavrov, in a tiny one-room apartment!
The book is global in scope. Each entry indicates the nationality of the company or individual concerned,
and while it may not come as much of a surprise to see the USA, France, the UK and Germany heading the league table of countries with the most manufacturers, readers may be interested to discover Brazil with 35, South Korea with eight — and the Channel Islands and Luxembourg with one entry apiece. There are also 38 international groups listed (see Airbus or Eurocopter, for example), which gives a clear indication of the way the industry is moving in the 1990s.
Bill Gunston, a former RAF pilot and flying instructor, is a prolific aviation writer. World Encyclopaedia of
Aircraft Manufacturers is a useful companion volume to his The Development of Piston Aero Engines, World Encyclopaedia of Aero Engines, and Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, all published by PSL. His enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the subject combine with meticulous research to produce a truly remarkable work of reference for all aviation enthusiasts.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Bill Gunston
published by PSL 1993 1st edn. 336pp profusely illustrated. 20x25
{condition}fine, d/j in loose poly cover
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