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Yakovlev Aircraft Since 1924

Yakovlev Aircraft Since 1924

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{detailed description}Following a succession of experimental glider projects Aleksandr S. Yakovlev built his first aeroplane, the AIR-1, in 1926. By 1934 he had transformed a derelict Moscow bed factory into a major design and manufacturing plant. From these premises came, to mention just some, a spate of sporting and training aircraft which gained many world class records; the chief family of Soviet single-seat fighters of World War II, theYak-1, -3, -7 and -9 of which 36,769 were built, the largest number of any fighter family in aviation history. He built the first Soviet transport helicopter, and was a pioneer of jet flight in the USSR. Later came the principal Soviet radar-equipped interceptors, from which stemmed many other types of tactical twin-jet including the Soviet counterpart to the U-2.
Yakovlev died in 1989, and today his design bureau, still on the site of the old bed factory, is the giant Yakovlev Aircraft Corporation. It produces and develops a range of combat aircraft, a number of important airliners and a diverse group of general-aviation aircraft. In conjunction with the Museum of Flying in California Yakovlev also constructs replicas of the Yak-3 wartime fighter.
Yakovlev Aircraft since 1924 is a unique collaboration between Bill Gunston and Moscow-based Yefim Gordon. Through unprecedented access to the archives of the Yakovlev Aircraft Corporation, the authors present the definitive work of reference complete with over 300 illustrations for the historian and aviation enthusiast alike.
Cover Illustration: An original painting by Keith Woodcock, depicting two Soviet Yak-9s in wartime combat.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Bill Gunston and Yefim Gordon
1997 1st edn. 235pp (Conway large format)
{condition}mint, in loose poly covered d/j.
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