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deHavilland Tiger Moth Legendary Biplane Trainer

deHavilland Tiger Moth Legendary Biplane Trainer

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{detailed description}Ask anyone the world over to name a biplane and they are bound to come up with 'Tiger Moth'. The de Havilland Tiger Moth has become one of the most famous aircraft of all time.
`Tigers' formed the backbone of both civilian and military training fleets up to the Second World War and beyond. Post-war the Tiger Moth undertook all manner of work, touring, racing, air taxi, barnstorming, crop-spraying, film assignments - sometimes changing shape and powerplant in the process.
Today, Tiger Moths are much sought after by loving private owners with an industry of workshops supporting them. The de Havilland Moth Club has a global membership and fans of these classic biplanes can be found everywhere.
At last a book has been prepared that does full justice to these incredible aircraft - most of the previous titles merely scraping the surface. Stuart McKay is a proud Tiger Moth owner, and a life-long historian of the type.
Produced in association with the de Havilland Moth Club, this book takes in every aspect of the Tiger Moth: development, production, exploits and usage both civil and military. Particular attention has been paid to the photographic content, which is lavish - 470 in total, of which 120 are in colour - taking in the heady, rich atmosphere of the 1930s, the wartime years and the halcyon days of post-war operation.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Stuart McKay
published by Midland Publishing 1999 1st edn. 303pp profusely illustrated, some colour, index, appendix. 23x29
{condition}near mint, inc. d/j.
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